September Registration at both Academies!

If you are:

a summer camp graduate

an introduction program graduate

a new to the academies but not new to riding

a current member looking for a potential additional lesson slot

Then you are in the right place!

please use the links to secure your lesson slot. for pure beginners use the section of our website ( called "introduction program". If you don't find a lesson slot time or level that works for you, then email our office, we teach all levels of English riding.

for your convenience please use the following booking links to register for lessons in September at one or both of the riding academies. please note these links are only for September registration. going forward riders need to have a valid credit card on file or a series of six post dates cheques (don't forget months that have five weeks on your lesson day!).

Click for Riding Academy of Mann Castle September registration (click vid):

Riding Academy of Mann Castle (click giff)

Click for Ajax Riding Academy September Registration (click vid):

Ajax Riding Academy September (click giff)

If you are already a member of "team ajax" or already have a slot within our weekly lesson schedule, then no need to use these forms, but feel free to have a look in case you'd like to book an additional riding day.

"How does it work though?" Once in the schedule, lessons are ongoing monthly. You are in the schedule every month unless you specifically tell us you need to stop for any reason. please have a look at our Lesson Payment Policy before making your booking:

Lesson Cancellation Policy

  • Lessons are billed based on monthly sessions.

  • Any lesson cancelled by the stable, (e.g. due to extreme weather), is refundable

  • The student’s responsibility is to arrive on time for the regularly scheduled lesson, wearing the appropriate riding attire.


One absence per monthly session may be made up if time coaches and space permit.

The stable is not obligated to provide make-up lessons.

  • A sign-up sheet for Make-up lessons will be provided in the lobby.

  • If you know of a planned absence, for an extended duration, (e.g. 2 weeks or more), please contact the office at:

  • A Practice Ride may be taken instead of a Make-up if the rider is of an appropriate level.

  • If you cannot attend your planned Make-up then you will not be allowed another make up.

  • No Make-ups will be given to students who have left the program.

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